Training & Updates

This page will be used to give you updates when needed and to assist you with questions an answers that you may or may not know.

We've been around since 2007 and we have several guys who've been on so many client calls that they cannot even remember them all.

Sometimes we'll even get guys to sign up, pay our membership fee and never answer the phone calls when it's time for them to meet with a client. Please guys, if you're going to get nervous please at least take the appointment and after your first time you'll be just fine. You will come home saying WOW I had a ton of fun and got paid for it.

Please Do Not Apply if you are not living in Japan - Our Clients are Only in Japan

Please submit your best photos and fill out the profile completely. If you have any questions or concerns beyond what we communicate here please drop me a line with your question,name and phone number and I'll be more than happy to assist

Our rates are 15,000 yen for the first hour and and 10,000 every hour after and you keep all of the fees and tips. Below are several Tips that you should always keep in mind.

#1. Always listen, Always Listen, Always Listen to your clients and remember that it's not about YOU..Remember that you are there to give them an experience to remember and if they can remember you in a positive fun exciting way then they will most likely reserve you for your services again and again.

#2. We are not a sex based Escort service however there will be many situations that arise so as a mature adult please make wise choices and do what's best for you and the client at that time.

#3. Always wear a suit or dress wear, never show up casual unless requested by the client. Always keep a professional appearance and clean shave. Please avoid to much cologne and never wear loud bright colors.

#4.The client should pay you within 15 minutes of arrival in a plain envelope as it states in the client information area. If your client does not pay right away don't panic, we've never had a problem so just be patient and have fun.

#5.If you are not attracted to your client or clients.. So're not on a date that will last forever and you're being paid and tipped and treated to a wonderful time. We've had Yes Men in the past who may not have been attracted to a client or two and had to be reminded that this service is not about YOU..

#6. OUR 2 MOST IMPORTANT RULES. Do not ever show up late, Always be on location at least 15 minutes prior and remember that showing up just on time is the same as showing up late. Our other most important rule is always be freshly showered and dressed with clean shoes and a nice watch if possible. Don't over do it with jewelry and remember that you are there to support your client in every way.

If you are busy with clients after the train stops there is a 5,000 yen charge that should be added to handle taxi fees back to your location. Please advise the client of this while scheduling your meeting or event.

Be mentally and physically prepared for anything because you might have a client who wants to party all night long or you may have to carry lots of shopping bags from every brand shop in Tokyo. It's all fun and smiles but just remember to stay cheerful and perceptive to their needs.

Good Luck and Happy Escorting