Hello Ladies.. Thank you for your interest in MY Yes Man.

 Just in case you have any concerns about our system let me take a moment to explain how it works.

It's very easy to click a couple buttons and reserve your Yes Man in just a few minutes.

Browse through the photos and click on the guy you would like to reserve. Fill out a quick form with your contact information and wait for him to get back with you. Usually it should be within an hour.

If your choice fails to contact you please assume that he's busy this time and cannot contact you. Please make another choice and wait for contact.

Choose as many as you like for your private or public event, party etc..

Please pay him within 15 minutes of his arrival discreetly in a plain envelope.  If you would like overtime please discuss the details with him at the time. Basically it's 10,000 Yen after the first hour for each hour thereafter.

If you need someone after the last train please pay an extra 5,000 Yen for taxi service.  Whatever you ask We say YES so feel free to enjoy your time with your Yes Man and if you have any compliments, concerns, questions or complaints please contact us using the contact form.

Our goal is to help create memories that last forever. Be assured that every Yes Man has been properly screened and will be nothing less than a gentleman and at your service completely. Ask your Yes Man anything, you already know the answer.    

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