Thank you for Joining our My Yes Man Escort Team Please Click below to get started and choose the term that fits your time here in Japan. We recommend the yearly plan because it's the cheapest in comparison with the other plans.

After you have paid your registration fee please send us a copy of any form of ID. Your information will never be disclosed to anyone unless something serious were to happen to one of our female clients involving YOU.

For a Limited time we are offering a 1 Year Membership for 30,000 yen, Click on the one year special campaign button at the very bottom. Clients pay you directly and you keep 100% of the income earned with our clients.

E-mail us a copy of some form of identification to:

If you choose to join us face to face there is an extra 10,000 yen fee required. The reason our website is automated is to save time and connect the escorts and clients as fast as humanly possible.

Also you may feel free to contact us with further questions about MYM using the contact link above. Once you pay your membership fees we'll activate your profile within 24 hours.

We'll be in touch soon and welcome to the MYM team. C.Darby - MYM GROUP


Please Click here to download MYM Business card samples ..
You can forward your favorite style to your printer when it's time to create your business cards.